Who is tunaswish?

Here goes…

1. I haven’t given myself so much thought, as I am going to now, to come up with 25 things about me.

2. I love writing. It’s been my passion since childhood, English Composition being the only class in school when I wasn’t punished for talking too much 😉 Photography and movies comes a close second.

3. I love gifts. Both receiving and giving. Though, I’m choosy as to whom I accept them from.

4. I believe there is no such thing as ‘enough’ shoes and clothes.

5. I will never refuse pure dark chocolate, in any form. You can help yourself to any other chocolate in my fridge, especially those mixed with nuts, etc.

6. I hate irresponsible people. I cannot stand them, and I don’t care who they may be- If I am in any way affected due to their irresponsibility, either at work or otherwise, they’ve had it.

7. I love cartoons and animation. I am on a spree to collect all the Disney and Pixar movies there are.

8. I love dressing up. I only wish I had more opportunity to do so… 😦

9. I hate travelling to the suburbs. I’ve ditched my friends a thousand times, all because I’ve felt too lazy to travel so far. [There, I’ve confessed it! Sorry guys!]

10. I start itching when I see an untidy house or an untidy cupboard. I need to clean up. You can call it an OCD.

11. I love staying at home with my dog, doing nothing at all.

12. When reading a book, I can completely shut myself out from the rest of the world. You can be right next to me, telling me something important, but I won’t hear you.

13. My parent’s have hung up two of my silliest pictures in my room. It’s like they’re punishing me for posing for the camera when I was 14! It’s the most embarrassing thing in my room, even more so because I am a photographer!

14. I am a Lord of the Rings fanatic. I have seen each movie at least twice in the theatres and the extended DVD set is my prized possession, for which I have waited for years! I was a Gondorian on a role play site, a Ranger in training and lived in a mansion with two other fellow Gondorians, three elves and two horsemen from Rohan.

15. I love Roald Dahl. I want to own his entire collection of books, especially those for children. Enid Blyton’s ‘The adventures of the wishing chair’ and Amelia Jane series gives me as much pleasure now as it did when I was in third grade.

16. I am extremely impatient.

17. I love dogs more than anything else in this world.

18. I am going to travel the world with the one I love.

19. I love my city.

20. I can watch movies all day long.

21. If things don’t work when I really badly want them to, I start crying due to frustration.

22. I clearly remember my dreams, in every detail.

23. At times, I can see into the future and I know exactly what is going to happen. It helped me pass my Physics prelims and board pratical exams. Handy, eh 😉

24. I hate making decisions, and almost always follow my gut feeling.

25. I am fiercely ambitious, but if given a choice between love and ambition, I’d go for the former without second thought.

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Something I wrote, when I was 22. (which wasn’t too long back, btw!) ;)

I am 22.

The first thing I did when I turned 18 was get a driver’s license. Then, I proudly walked into a theatre, happy to finally cross the big red ‘A’ sign sans guilt.

While enjoying all my new found liberties, I ‘forgot’ to register myself to vote. Actually, forgot is not the right word- the truth is I didn’t bother. I covered the elections as a photojournalist, most were stories about missing names on the voters’ list. Still I failed to recognize the one name missing on the list that only I could do something about. And to think I call myself an educated, responsible Indian who wants to bring about a positive change in her country.

It took a television commercial for me to awaken to my apathy. Thanks to Tata Tea’s ‘Jaago re’ campaign, conscience kicked in, and I was a step closer to getting my voters’ ID. At first it all seemed terribly simple. I only need to register on their site, and thanks to the miracle called the internet, within minutes, the key to the registration- The Form 6- was in my hands. Complete with driving instructions and reminders as to when and where I should submit the form, Jaago re helped me inch closer to fulfill my basic duties as an Indian, without causing me any inconvenience, thank you very much.

India is the world’s largest democracy, which means voting is not only every Indian’s duty and birthright, but it is also the only way we can function! However, standing in the line to submit my form, I was left with a very different opinion of how our country functions. Having reached the office of the Election Registration Office of my constituency (such big words for surprisingly no work done), I joined the serpentine queue of to-be voters, waiting to submit their forms. Word was that things were moving quick and I soon found out why.

A bored official leisurely went through my form. Finally, he responded. “Nahi chalega.”

He handed me back the form. Case dismissed. Next.

“Why? What’s the problem with this form?” I asked. It had taken me some effort to get so far and I was not going to be dismissed so easily.

“It’s not correct,” he replied. When I insisted he check again, he said, “Whatever it is, I am not accepting your form because you’re late. We are only accepting forms from Mumbai 7, 8 and 9. You are from 20.”

I was at a loss of words. “Late? This is my constituency! I am to submit the form here…”

“Arre madam,” the bored expression was changing to that of irritation, “For Mumbai 19, 20, 21, we did a campaign at the G.D. Somani school. Why didn’t you come there?”

“You did? When? Was it mentioned in the newspapers? Advertised?”

“Shya, voting is your duty. You should have found out yourself. Next!”

And so I left, dismissed, still an aspiring voter. There was a crisp hundred rupee note between the form of the person next in line. At least one of us will have achieved what they have come here for. As I walked out of the compound, a few others joined the line to submit their forms. I wonder how many of them will I interview next elections, when they find their names missing from the voters’ list.

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if only you knew, Papa

I was craving chocolate cake.

And so I woke up my father from his Sunday afternoon siesta and asked him to get me one from a nearby bakery. Groggy eyed and grumpy, he complained, but I blackmailed him into reluctantly agreeing.

In the meantime, I returned back to my work, editing pictures of a recent fashion week I had shot. I had just begun work on a picture of a petite model showing off a tiny black dress when my phone rang. It was Daddy dearest.

“Hi, I am at the bakery. Do you want a Black Forest or the Death by Chocolate?”

I zoomed over the face of the smiling model.

“Yes, Death by Chocolate sounds great.”

“Anything else? There are some more new ones I see today…”

I was now looking at the amulet the model had on. The arm looked like it spent all its free time chatting up dumbbells.

“Ummm, yea. Just pick up a few chocolate tarts too. And some lemon ones also. Do you see anything else interesting?”

I could sense my father scan the shelves, while I now worked on enhancing the light falling on the belt wrapped around the model’s oh-so-tiny waist.

“I’ll pick up some bread for your mother. That’s it, then?”

“Yes, and don’t forget the extra chocolate syrup.”

He hung up while I add some finishing touches to the long legs that didn’t really need any touch ups.

While I waited for my father to return home, I struck the model’s pose in front of my mirror. Needless to say, the difference between the image on my computer screen and on the mirror was, well, huge.

I was mulling over why that was to be when my jubilant Papa walked into the room and placed a rather generous portion of cake in front of me. “Here you are, with the extra chocolate topping. Just like you like it.”

I flashed him one of my sweet, thankful smiles.

The next day I happened to overhear a rather confused father talk to his friend.

“You know, I really do not understand what is wrong this generation. Just yesterday I was very rudely awoken from my sleep to pick up a cake for my daughter. In fact, I even went to the extent to serving it to her in her room. And yet, today, I see the darn thing sitting just like that, on the same plate, back in the fridge! Really, now why would you do that?”

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In Search of an Identity

“Get an identity first.”

I wish I had a suitable answer to that. I could come up with a chic superhero name, ala Elastagirl or a Ginormica. A name that would establish me in just a word. Unfortunately, Tunali doesn’t seem to work right now.

But then again, what is my identity? How can I represent myself in a word?

What am I?

Am I identified by my work? In that case, shall I be called ‘Freelancica?’ or just ‘Plainconfused’? Sometimes I feel ‘Goodfornoughtingness’ fits best and at other times it is ‘Hopeless’.

What about my passions? ‘K9fan’ or ‘Cinebuff’?

Is my behaviour part of my identity? If so, then ‘MsPMS’ is a strong contender.

Do my relationships describe me? I don’t see my parents agreeing with ‘Idealdaughter’ and I am not exactly the ‘Myfairlady’, ‘Hunnybunny’ or even ‘mydarlingest’ or ‘angel’ sort of a girl. More like a ‘You’regrounded’ or the ‘WhyonearthamIwithyou’.

Most of these names are nonsensical and some are plain corny. Maybe Godzilla is a better option. Whatever it is, I am still looking for my identity. If you find it loitering around anywhere, please do me a favour and send it back home.

Thank You Very Much

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For joy

For life

Into love

Off a cliff

Out of a plane

Just like that



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